Reliability, expertise and continuous innovation, for over 30 years
A history that goes back three generations in the mechanical and tapware industries has enabled us to develop extensive experience in the sector and gave us the idea of developing an outdoor product that encompasses design, technology and the use of a noble material: marine grade stainless steel.
The values that have created a history of excellence
Over the years, we have specialised in manufacturing bespoke designer accessories for private homes, spas, hotels, beach resorts and boats. After the first outdoor shower lines, which were characterised by an elegant style and high technical quality, we also focused our production on indoor shower lines and accessories, which proved to be very successful. This development was then extended to the wellness sector and fully tailor-made products. Continuous innovation and evolution of our production processes have made this possible, allowing complete control of the supply chain.
The renowned Made in Italy brand
High-end Italian manufacturing not only means having direct control over the entire production process but also involves the combination of vivid creativity and skills that have made the “Made in Italy” brand famous throughout the world for its design and quality. Values that define the excellence of our products, but also the quality of our services from production to sales.

Premium Materials

We manufacture our products with the best components and materials, using AISI 316L steel of Italian origin, a durable, non-toxic and recyclable material which, together with water-saving systems, are part of a solid corporate vision of sustainable development. If requested, we also provide certification of the raw materials for each product.

Italian Craftsmanship

Many years of technical and practical experience in the plumbing and metalworking industries has resulted in extreme attention to detail and the ability to offer high levels of customisation. Our philosophy is to transform raw material into a crafted product of excellence, and it is measured above all in customer satisfaction.

Tailor-made and attention to detail

Our design centre can create fully customised products in every part, even for large-scale production. A dedicated and trained team of technicians can analyse each specific request and propose the best solutions to meet the customer's needs, who can decide on dimensions, finishes and use to obtain the required product.

Modern and inspired design

Design, style, ergonomics and feelings play a key role in our production. Creating a successful project means taking into account the technological and stylistic innovations that not only have to meet technical and production requirements, but also enhance materials and shapes that make a product unique when it becomes a piece of furniture.

Service and quality warranty

By directly controlling production, we can certify and guarantee all articles and components for 3 years. Each product is marked with a unique QR code that attests to its high quality and value, which can be verified at any time. Moreover, the customer can rely on a fast and professional after-sales service by dealing directly with the company's technicians.