How to choose an outdoor shower

  • By Kate Williams

The value of your home and quality of life benefit from well-designed outside areas. There is no limit to the aesthetic possibilities afforded by adding a modern, minimalist shower to your outdoor space. An outdoor shower simplifies your life by allowing you to clean up in the open air, whether under the sun or the stars. An outdoor showercan become a remarkabnle and memorable addition to any backyard, balcony, deck, private beach club, boat, next to a swimming pool, hot tub, or sauna. Freestanding, hanging, and wall-mounted designs are the most common for outdoor showers. Freestanding outdoor showers provide the most freedom from a design standpoint. Since there is no need to secure the freestanding outdoor shower to the wall, you may put it virtually any place, even your garden or a secluded spot. Let's look at some easy guidelines to help you zero in on the outdoor shower that best suits your aesthetic and functional preferences.

Titano 4800, installed in a private villa located in Greece. 

Choose a material that withstands all weather conditions
Explore Nattura Shower's exclusive selection of outdoor showers made entirely of durable, corrosion-resistant materials: Marine grade 316L and 304 stainless steel.

Meticulous attention to detail results in precise assembly of AMA Luxury Shower Italy outdoor showers. Shown above: Atena 8700, equipped with a handheld shower in 316L stainless steel. 

Select the appropriate height and width
At Nattura Shower, we carry various outdoor shower heights and diameters. Our outdoor showers range from waist height to full overhead height. Our outdoor showers are fabricated using 2mm thick stainless steel for maximum sturdiness and durability.

Determine if you need scald protection
Choose an outdoor shower column with a progressive mixer if you'd like to avoid the possibility of water being too hot when your shower is being turned on. Remember that water lines installed under direct sunlight can get pretty hot during the day, so bury your pipes at least 4" underground to avoid the first couple of gallons of water being hot enough to damage your skin when you first shower.

Welcome sub-zero conditions with our Anti-freeze system
Do you live in a region that gets pretty cold during the winter? At Nattura Shower, we have you covered. Look for outdoor showers with our proprietary Anti-Frost system, and feel confident buying your dream outdoor shower. We assure you it will remain intact through the winter months.

Do not forget about your dog!
If you love going out for walks with your dog, check out our Dog Bowl-equipped outdoor shower columns: they are the perfect spot to rinse off your body while your hairy friend recovers to a bowl full of fresh water. Install this waist-height outdoor shower column in your backyard near your back door and use it as a stopping point after a walk or as a chlorine rinsing station after a long day at the pool with friends and family.

Keep a clean interior with a foot Shower
Sand gets everywhere, but it shouldn't get in your living room! At Nattura Shower, we carry dozens of outdoor shower columns with foot showers near their base. Rinse your feet after a walk on the beach or a day in the backyard for a refreshing feeling and a clean home.

Increase fuctionality with a hand Shower
Hand Showers offer increased comfort and flexibility over the traditional overhead shower head. Not only do handheld shower heads help create a spa-like experience at home by providing a gentle massage on your skin or tight muscles, but they also help reach difficult spots in our bodies and enable people with long hair to rinse off sweat or chlorine without getting their hair wet. For women, they come in pretty "handy" for leg shaving. They also help select a model with a hand shower for practical purposes or the simple joy of hot water near your skin. At Nattura Shower, we have every modification you may need!
Handheld shower heads are practical since they may be used for various purposes, including washing one's body while keeping hair dry, efficiently using water, and gently massaging different body parts. They are ideal for those with restricted movement, dogs, and children since they provide increased maneuverability than standard shower heads.

At Nattura Shower we carry a wide variety of outdoor showers with handheld showerheads

Timed Push Valve
Hotels and resorts are at the core of our business, and so is ADA compliance. If you are an architect or designer working on a hospitality or public project, stop by our Timed Push Valve section. At Nattura Shower, we offer a wide selection of outdoor shower columns that meet ADA requirements with the help of self-closing metered shower valves.