How to Transform Your Backyard into a Spa with Nattura Shower

  • By Kate Williams

Imagine that you have a serene oasis right in your backyard. It's a place where you can escape the hustle of daily life and rejuvenate your senses. If this sounds appealing to you, then you have come to the right place.

Read this article to get a comprehensive guide on how to transform your backyard into a spa with Nattura Shower. You don't need a hustle and bustle. Some easy and simple steps are required, along with straightforward advice to create your outdoor sanctuary.

How to Transform Your Backyard into a Spa

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to transform your backyard into a beautiful step:

Initiate with a Vision

Every transformation begins with a vision. Close your eyes and imagine the backyard spa of your dreams. Do you see a tropical paradise with lush greenery and a cascading waterfall shower, or perhaps a modern, minimalist space with sleek lines and a calming monsoon rain shower? Your vision will guide the rest of your backyard makeover.

Choose the Perfect Location

Finding a perfect location for your spa is a crucial endeavor. You'll want a place that offers privacy and is easily accessible. Consider the existing layout of your backyard and how the shower will fit into the overall design. It's also essential to have access to water and proper drainage.

Select the Right Nattura Shower

Now, let's talk about the star of the show: the Nattura Shower. Natura offers a range of outdoor showers designed to enhance your spa experience. From the elegant Aphrodite to the eco-friendly Solaris, there's a range to suit your style and needs. Choose the model that aligns with your backyard vision and budget.

Check the Plumbing and Installation

Installing your shower is a breeze. If you're a DIY enthusiast, you can handle the installation yourself, but it's always a good idea to consult with a professional plumber to ensure everything is connected correctly. You'll need access to your existing water supply and a way to direct drainage appropriately.

outdoor shower beside a blue outdoor pool in a sunny day

The outdoor showers in our catalog are lightweight and easy to install. This is our model Aphrodite in a polished finish.  

Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

To truly transform your backyard into a spa, pay attention to the ambiance. Add natural elements like plants and stones to create a soothing environment. Soft lighting, such as string lights or lanterns, can add a touch of magic during evening soaks. Don't forget comfy seating and plush towels for that luxurious spa feeling.

Beautify it with Outdoor Accessories.

Outdoor accessories can elevate your spa experience. Consider adding a small table for drinks or a tray for holding essentials like candles, aromatherapy oils, and your favorite book. These simple touches can make your backyard spa a place you never want to leave.

Water Features and Zen Vibes

To maximize the relaxation factor, consider incorporating water features into your backyard spa. A bubbling fountain or a small pond can provide soothing background noise, enhancing the Zen vibes. The sound of flowing water combined with your Nattura Shower will transport you to a state of calm.

Don’t Forget the Privacy

Privacy is essential when you're enjoying your spa time in the backyard. Create a sense of seclusion with tall plants, bamboo screens, or climbing vines. These natural barriers not only provide privacy but also contribute to the overall ambiance.

Keep Simple Maintenance

Keeping your Nattura Shower and backyard spa in top shape is easy. Regularly clean the showerhead and surfaces to prevent buildup. Trim and care for your plants to maintain a tranquil atmosphere. With minimal effort, your spa will remain a haven of relaxation year-round.

There are some simple yet incredible ways to transform your backyard into a beautiful spa with Nattura Shower. Undoubtedly, it’s a rewarding project. So, keep it simple and start planning your backyard spa transformation today. Your sanctuary awaits, just steps away from your back door.