Designing a Coastal Paradise with Outdoor Shower Columns

  • By Kate Williams

If you are lucky enough to have a beach house, or you simply want to create a coastal paradise in your current home, you’ve got a lot of options available to you. One of the options that will help you create the paradise you are looking for is through outdoor shower columns. Every detail is important, and outdoor shower columns can tie everything together.

It’s no secret that outdoor shower columns are as luxurious as they come, but they also offer unparalleled functionality, especially if you’re near the beach. So, let’s dig in and look at the various ways outdoor shower columns can help you create a coastal paradise!


Enhance the Theme

Let’s start with the most obvious point. If a coastal theme is what you are trying to achieve in your outdoor space, an outdoor shower column can enhance the theme and be the perfect addition. Outdoor shower columns come in many different shapes and sizes, you can also add materials and colors in the space that embrace tones of the sea and beach. It’s easy to achieve the coastal theme with an outdoor shower column. The perfect outdoor shower is out there waiting for you!


Blend with Nature

Beachhouse outdoor showers can perfectly blend in with nature, especially if you take the time to position the outdoor shower column in the perfect place in your outdoor space. When done correctly, you’ll leave people wondering where the outdoor shower ends and nature surroundings begin! Adding things like palm trees and other tall plants can also improve privacy in the space as well.

Our shower columns are made with marine grade stainless steel, making them weather-resistant while looking brand new. In this photo: Cometa.


Increase Privacy

We touched on this in the previous point, and, understandably, privacy is a major concern with outdoor showers. Although, it is easy to create a private oasis in your backyard if you use the right materials and features. Tall plants or even outdoor shower privacy screens can provide the privacy you are looking for. If you are looking for additional privacy, adding a canopy or roof can achieve what you are looking for.


Create a Spa-Like Space

No need to spend all that money going to the spa, it’s easy to create a spa-like oasis for your coastal paradise, thanks to outdoor shower columns. If you want to take things to the next level, consider contemporary outdoor showers that have multiple shower heads or even shower heads with a rain feature. Adding other features, like a bench or candles can help elevate the space even further.


Focus on Functionality

While we all want to ensure the space looks good to get that coastal paradise feel, you can’t forget about the functionality of the space as well. Other aspects you need to consider include drainage, ease of cleaning the space, and water pressure, just to name a few. Having weather-resistant showers is essential due to the space being exposed to the elements. Cleaning is also important because you don’t want your outdoor shower column to become rusty.