Key Features Every Bathroom Needs

  • By Kate Williams

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing while also being incredibly functional. There are many elements to consider for your bathroom, so if you are renovating or designing your bathroom, have a read on below at some of the key features you need to consider:

1. Ample Storage

A spacious bathroom with minimalist wooden decor, wide mirrors and abundant plants.

It’s probably not the first thing you think of when discussing key features every bathroom needs, but storage is certainly an important aspect of your bathroom. Without enough storage, it can make your bathroom look messy, with toiletries and other products lying around everywhere.

2. Functional (and Beautiful) Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures, like shower heads, are another important aspect your bathroom needs. There are two aspects you need to think about when looking at fixtures - the functionality and look. The fixture needs to be as functional as possible to allow for full use of your bathroom, but obviously needs to look good as well and fit in with the style of the overall house. Something that many people are opting for these days are solar showers, which allow for environmental sustainability while also having the desired appearance.

Open-concept bathroom with access to an outdoor shower in a small terrace.

Our stunning collection Stella is certainly one of the most beloved when it comes to creating a minimalist yet exquisite design.

3. Proper Ventilation

Whenever there’s water involved, it is important that you have proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, you are just inviting things like mould and mildew into your bathroom. The most effective way to ensure proper ventilation is to install an exhaust fan. While it is also important to give your bathroom a good clean often so if there is mould, it doesn’t continue to spread and cause damage to your stylish shower head or other fixtures.

4. Good Lighting

Bathroom design with skylight to maximize the brightness of its minimalist design

Having good lighting in your bathroom is certainly another must-have. There are various tasks like shaving or applying makeup that require proper lighting. Not only do you need enough lighting, but you should think about where the lighting is placed. Having lighting above the mirror is always a good idea, but you can also have lighting around the mirror as well.

5. Enough Mirror Space

A spacious bathroom with two large mirrors reflecting the sunlight coming through the window

Speaking of mirrors, it is important that it is big enough for your space. You could consider installing a full-length mirror as this allows for a more comprehensive view and will also make your bathroom overall look a lot bigger. If you don’t have the space for a full-length 
mirror, the good news is that there are many other smaller options (including framed mirrors) and you are sure to find one that will suit your space!

In Summary

It isn’t as difficult as you would think to create the perfect bathroom, but there are a handful of essentials that you need to ensure proper functionality and appearance of your space. Some things are practical necessities while others add to the aesthetic of your space. By installing these key features, you are ensuring an enjoyable space is created. You can feel comfortable in your well thought out space and rest easy knowing you’ve designed the best bathroom possible.