Maximizing Comfort: Hot Water Outdoor Shower Columns You’ll Love

  • By Kate Williams

When it comes to outdoor showers, you have two water options - hot or cold. Some outdoor showers will only have the ability to produce cold water, while other more advanced versions provide both hot and cold water. This option is becoming very popular because it means you can use your outdoor shower all year round.

These innovative designs provide premium comfort and mean you can wash off while enjoying the beauty of nature. If you’re considering an outdoor shower column for your space, having one that produces hot water is certainly the way to go. Let’s explore more about why you should have a hot water outdoor shower column!

Therapeutic Benefits

While the main benefit of a hot water outdoor shower column is to ensure your body is clean, there are also some therapeutic benefits attached as well. Being outside and surrounded by nature is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation, especially under a shower producing warm water!

Solar outdoor shower on a desert landscape on a sunny day
Imagine the bliss of showering under the sun with nothing but nature around you. In this photo: Solaris.


There are so many different designs of hot water outdoor shower columns, which means you have greater convenience as you can find the perfect place in your space for the shower. From poolside showers to beach house outdoor showers, there is a design that will work in your specific space.


With advanced technology, you’ll now find that the majority of hot water outdoor shower columns come with all the bells and whistles of energy-efficient heating systems. For example, you’ll now find many outdoor shower columns that are solar-powered, which uses a lot less energy than typical heating methods. This helps to reduce your environmental footprint, and it’s safe to say that every little bit helps!

Outdoor solar shower made of marine grade stainless steel on a matte black finish next to a pool in a luxurious garden
Solare Charbon is the epitome of elegant eco-friendliness. With a generous 28-liter tank capacity, this solar shower is ready to give you long-lasting moments of relaxation under the sun.

Low Maintenance

It’s a bit of a myth these days that maintaining outdoor shower columns can be difficult work, but in reality, this isn’t the case. The majority of outdoor shower columns don’t require a lot of maintenance, or general care, as long as the shower column you’ve purchased is of high quality and is installed properly. Opt for rust-resistant materials that ensure it is easy to clean. You want to be enjoying your hot water outdoor shower column, not spending all your time cleaning or maintaining it!

Increased Property Value

While you probably want to make use of the hot water outdoor shower column yourself, it is important to note that it will also increase the value of your property when (or if) you decide to sell. Outdoor shower columns are one of those luxurious features that could make a potential buyer fall in love with your property.

Outdoor shower column next to a pool on an aesthetic outdoor design

Take this view as an example, outdoor amenities are always a plus when buyers come looking! In this photo: Cometa

In Summary

Hot water outdoor shower columns bring a lot of positives to the table. You’ve got many designs to choose from, which will take your space to another level, and there isn’t much maintenance required either. There are energy-efficient options as well, to make sure you are doing your bit for the environment, and you’ll likely see the value of your property increase.