Outdoor Shower Columns: Affordable Luxury for Your Home

  • By Kate Williams

Looking to completely transform your home? Well, there are many ways you can do so, but installing Italian outdoor showers adds a touch of affordable luxury that has a total wow factor. That’s right, you don’t have to break the bank to ensure your home stands out from the rest.

An outdoor shower column brings a spa-like experience to your home and has many benefits that countless homeowners have taken advantage of over the past few years. So, let’s explore more about why outdoor shower columns are popular and how they add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space:

1. Affordable Elegance

Adding luxury outdoor showers isn’t as expensive as many believe. If you compare the cost of other luxury additions to your outdoor space, you’ll find that adding an outdoor shower column is quite cost-effective! There are a wide range of designs, meaning you’ll be able to find one that is within your budget. The price range is usually based on the materials used and the characteristics the outdoor shower column comes equipped with.

2. Embracing Nature

There is nothing more luxurious than being surrounded by nature! Whether you’re starting your day with a nice shower looking up at the open sky, or cooling down after a trip to the beach, being surrounded by the sounds of nature is unlike anything else. If you have a well-thought-out design for your outdoor space, you’ll achieve optimum privacy and allow for the most unique bathing experience ever.

3. Pet-Friendly Showers

The rate of households with pets has never been higher, so it is important to note that these outdoor shower columns aren’t just for humans, they can be for pets as well. No longer will you pet track in dirt, sand, etc. from a trip to the beach inside. Simply clean them up outside using the shower column and they are good to go.

Foot washer for the pool, garden accessory with water bowl for pets

This is Marte. It's everything you need: a sturdy ground column made of marine grade stainless steel, containing a flexible hose and a water bowl for your pets. This is luxury for everyone in the family.

4. Multipurpose Ability

If you’ve got an outdoor shower column with all the bells and whistles, then it is likely that you’ll have multipurpose ability. Yes, you’ll be able to have a shower under the open skies, but you’ll also have the ability to wash off footwear, gardening tools, and so much more. Some outdoor shower columns come with a dog bowl, so your pet will never get thirsty!

Luxurious outdoor shower with multiple shower heads, made of marine stainless steel

When it comes to multipurpose ability, it's hard to beat Nettuno, a sturdy and luxurious outdoor shower with multiple shower heads to accommodate more guests in less time.

5. Better for the Environment

There are many water-saving outdoor showers available on the market. As well as this, you’ll find that all the best outdoor shower columns are made using sustainable materials, which have a lower impact on the environment. Many people are looking to make eco-friendly options, and this is certainly one of them.

Solar-powered outdoor shower for eco-friendly homes, standing sturdy next to a pool on a sunny day

We have various solar showers in our catalogue, they're the epitome of power, luxury and eco-friendliness. In this photo: Solaris.

In Summary

When looking for that thing that is going to take you home to the next level, outdoor shower columns stand out as one of the best, more cost-friendly options. An outdoor shower column adds an extra touch of luxury that ensures that wow factor. So, why don’t you indulge in some affordable luxury today?