Plumbing Basics For Outdoor Showers

  • By Kate Williams

An outdoor shower is a fantastic addition to your home, offering a convenient way to rinse off before taking a dip in the pool, cleaning up after outdoor activities, or even washing your furry friends without creating a mess indoors. Beyond its functionality, an outdoor shower can add beauty and value to your property.

 If you're considering the installation of an outdoor shower, it's essential to understand the plumbing basics involved in the process. This comprehensive guide will explore the Plumbing Basics For Outdoor Showers.


Selecting the Ideal Location for Your Outdoor Shower

The first step in plumbing your outdoor shower is choosing the perfect location. The site selection should align with the primary purpose of your outdoor shower. For instance, if you intend for it to serve as a pre-pool rinse station, place it near the pool area for easy access.

To maintain privacy, consider installing the shower where it's not visible to neighbors or passers-by. If complete seclusion isn't feasible, you can incorporate outdoor curtains or walls to enhance privacy.

Pro tipOpt for a site that receives direct sunlight whenever possible. Sunlight provides warmth on chilly days but also aids in drying the area, preventing mold formation.


Ensuring Adequate Water Supply for Your Outdoor Shower

The availability of a water supply is a critical factor in plumbing your outdoor shower. Several factors influence this aspect:

Shared Wall Installation

If your outdoor shower shares a wall with your kitchen or bathroom, you can simplify the plumbing process since the water pipes are already in place. This minimizes effort and expense.

Standalone Showers

For standalone or freestanding showers, the plumbing becomes more complex. You may need to run an underground water pipe to the shower location, which involves excavation. Alternatively, you can connect standalone fixtures to existing outdoor water faucets.

Consider installing an outdoor hot water faucet adjacent to the existing one to provide hot water. While this option is usually more cost-effective, the above-ground lines may not be aesthetically pleasing.

Portable freestanding outdoor showers typically have simpler plumbing requirements, limited by the reach of your garden hose.


Addressing Drainage Considerations for Outdoor Showers

While you may envision a natural, ground-draining setup for your outdoor shower, it's crucial to consider local building codes and regulations.

Many municipalities require outdoor showers to adhere to specific building codes, which may necessitate the installation of drain pipes. This not only aids in protecting groundwater quality but also safeguards the city's drinking water supply.

Consider installing a fully tiled shower with built-in drainage and enclosed plumbing for peace of mind and a beautiful outdoor shower. This elevates your outdoor shower into a stunning and compliant yard feature.


Winterizing Your Outdoor Shower: Preparing for Cold Months

While outdoor showers are a delight during warm months, they require special attention as colder weather approaches:

  1. Frost-Proof Fixtures: If you reside in a cold-weather climate, consider installing frost- and rust-proof fixtures to withstand months of freezing temperatures.
  2. Shut-Off Valves: Install shut-off valves in a climate-controlled area of your home, allowing you to turn off the water supply and drain the outdoor pipes before winter. This helps prevent freezing and bursting.


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In conclusion, understanding the plumbing basics for outdoor showers is essential for a successful installation. Proper site selection, water supply planning, drainage considerations, and winterization efforts ensure your outdoor shower remains functional and enjoyable throughout the year.

With NatturaShower's quality products, you can create an outdoor shower oasis that adds convenience and beauty to your property.