Privacy and Outdoor Shower Columns: Creating Your Sanctuary

  • By Kate Williams

In a world where it has never been easier to remain connected through social media platforms like Facebook etc., sometimes we just want to unplug and have some private moments to ourselves. There is no better place to do this than in the comfort of your own home. In saying that, if you have family or friends around all the time, it can still be difficult to find some quiet moments to yourself.

This is where an outdoor shower column can come in handy! You have the ability to transform your outdoor space into your own personal oasis. An outdoor shower column provides functional features and is an elegant addition to your space, and if designed correctly, can offer a sweet little discreet escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Let’s look at all the ways you can maintain your privacy with an outdoor shower column:

1. Privacy of Your Own Backyard

Naturally, your backyard offers its own level of privacy, but you are able to take this to another level with an outdoor shower column. You can create an extension of your living space, a place where it’s easy to relax, and you can just be yourself. Outdoor shower columns are a key element of creating a sense of comfort, luxury, and obviously privacy.

A luxurious pool with greenery around and a shower column in the corner.

Did you spot it? Our model Cometa is oozing luxury from its very private spot in this garden. 

2. Personalizing Your Sanctuary

It’s easy to personalize your sanctuary with an outdoor shower column. There are many sizes, styles, designs and materials to choose from. Also, it’s not just about the outdoor shower column itself. Think about other aspects you can include to improve your privacy in this space. Screens and greenery like palm plants and more can be effectively used to improve privacy, and just maybe you’ll feel like you can truly relax without being bothered.

3. Privacy is Important

No matter how you like to shower under the outdoor shower column, your privacy is important. You should always feel secure and safe in your space. As previously explained, you can strategically add different features to your outdoor shower column area to allow for increased privacy. Even something like adjustable screens could be a good idea as you are able to control the level of privacy you are looking for.

Our Stella collection looks fabulous in a semi-enclosed setting, which increases both privacy and coziness.

4. Multi-Purpose Addition

An outdoor shower column certainly has more than one purpose, so no matter what you are looking for when creating your sanctuary, you’ll achieve the end goal with this shower. You can use the outdoor shower column to rinse off after a day in the pool or even a day out and about, and you can also use it to water plants if there’s an adjustable spray nozzle.

Wrap Up

It’s easy to feel exposed these days, especially online, it feels like everyone is oversharing and sometimes you just need to get away from it all. An outdoor shower column can give you everything you are looking for by creating a sanctuary where you can escape everyday life. A perfectly designed area with an outdoor shower column will allow you to easily wind down and enjoy the simple things in life.