The Future of Outdoor Bathing is Here With Solar Showers

  • By Kate Williams

Sustainable living has never been more in the forefront of people’s minds. We are all looking for ways we can do our bit for the environment. The good news is that these days there are plenty of innovations that we can utilize in our own homes. One perfect innovation to deploy in your home is solar showers.

If you are considering installing an outdoor shower, you must consider solar showers as one of the potential options. It is a simple technology but does have many benefits that you’ll be feeling for many years to come.

So, let’s explore more of the benefits and uses of an outdoor solar shower below!

Sustainable Living

One of the things we love about solar showers is that they are as eco-friendly as they come. Solar showers don’t use gas or electricity to heat the water, instead, use solar energy (which is renewable). This, in turn, reduces carbon emissions, which means it has a lower impact on the environment. Solar showers completely align with the global push for more sustainable living.

Close-up of independent shower columns made of marine grade stainless steel that is also recyclable.

The beauty of our products is beyond their looks, they're sturdy, durable, and recyclable.

The materials we use here at Nattura Shower are 100% recyclable and we are doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions. Even though our materials are 100% recyclable, they are still as durable as they come, as well as lightweight, making them easy to transport right around the world.


Do something positive for the environment AND save money? Yes, please! An eco-friendly outdoor shower can provide you with both. You’ll find that solar showers are cost-effective because they don’t require any gas or electricity for you to use them. Therefore, you’ll be saving on your gas and/ or electricity bill. Even on overcast days, you’ll still be able to use your solar shower, thanks to the advancements in this technology.

A solar outdoor shower made of marine grade stainless steel standing next to a pool on a sunny day.

This is Solaris, a marvelous solar shower that will heighten your outdoor area while diminishing your energy costs. Win, win! 


Ease of Use

Once installed, solar showers are easy to use as well as maintain. It’s always a good idea to enlist the assistance of a professional if you aren’t too sure how to install your solar shower. This will ensure the installation is done correctly and will mean maintaining the solar shower for many years to come will be a breeze. Regular maintenance and cleaning will improve the longevity of your solar shower.

Style Versatility

When solar showers first became a thing, there weren’t many styles or designs to choose from. However, gone are the days of limited choices! These days you are truly spoilt for choice and no matter the style you are going for in your outdoor space, you’ll find something suitable. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a poolside solar shower or a solar garden shower, you’ve got options galore.

A solar independent shower next to a pool on a sunny day.
And this is Solare Minimal, just another one of the marvelous solar showers you can find in our store.


The Future of Outdoor Bathing Has Arrived

As the years roll on, as a globe, we will only become more eco-friendly. This means that we are expecting the popularity of solar showers to continue to rise. With more demand comes more focus on creating better solar showers, using new technology to ensure they are as sustainable as they come.

Solar showers ensure cost-effectiveness when it comes to household bills, and you’ll also find that they aren’t as expensive as they were in the past. Solar technology is only getting more advanced, so expect to see some pretty amazing solar showers with out-of-this-world features coming very soon! Solar showers use a simple technology which means it is very easy to enjoy the great outdoors while showering in warm water.