Tips For Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Shower Column

  • By Kate Williams

Outdoor shower columns have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. This is because it is a stylish addition to your home, and provides a unique way to rinse off. Even if your home doesn’t have a pool, an outdoor shower column can be a great option, especially if you don’t want to track dirt and other things into your home!

If you’re considering installing an outdoor shower column, there are many aspects you’ll need to consider. While it can be overwhelming, this article will guide you in providing the top tips you need to know when it comes to selecting your outdoor shower column.

High-Quality Materials

Your outdoor shower column will be exposed to all the elements Mother Nature can throw at it. This is why you should be looking for outdoor shower columns that are made of only the best materials. High-quality shower materials are our specialty, and you'll find our marine grade stainless steel is superb.

Collection of luxurious shower columns by AMA Luxury Shower

All of our shower columns are made of marine grade, AISI 316L, stainless steel. Choose your favorite model and your preferred finish! From left to right: Atena, Aphrodite, Atlas, Cometa, Mercurio, Stella.


Our rust-proof outdoor showers will stand the test of time. Installing an outdoor shower column with high-quality materials also means you won’t have to do as much cleaning or maintenance, which can certainly save a lot of time in the long run!


There is a wide range of outdoor shower columns on the market, from simple ones to ones with all the bells and whistles under the sun. Think about what you want to get out of your shower column from a functionalist perspective, as this will help in narrowing down your choices.

Aspects like having hot water, solar-powered functionality, multiple shower heads, and more are all available. Explore our collection of shower columns to find your perfect match.


When it comes to the style of your outdoor shower column, you’ll be able to find one that will suit the design of the rest of your space. No matter if you’re going for a modern or natural look, your aesthetic preference will be matched!

Luxurious outdoor shower column made of marine grade stainless steel next to a pool with view to the mountains

Meet Luna, one of our most beloved and sturdy designs, manufactured to be an aesthetic statement for the ages. In this picture: polished finish.

It’s important to look at details like the shape of the shower head, how thick the column itself is, the curves and the overall design, the vibe, and more. The perfectly chosen outdoor shower column can tie your whole outdoor space together.


One aspect that is usually overlooked is privacy considerations. Depending on the layout of your outdoor area, it might be vital to include built-in privacy features in your outdoor shower column.

Outdoor bathroom design with view to the forest

Inspiration is everywhere! Create your private paradise at home and enjoy your daily rituals like never before. 

This could include additional screens or even some well-positioned landscaping/ greenery that creates a perfect secluded space for people to use the outdoor shower. Looking online for inspiration is helpful to see how others have added privacy to their outdoor shower space.

Wrap Up

Including an outdoor shower column can improve the value of your space, which is just one of the reasons it has grown in popularity over the past few years. Before you make your final decision on a particular outdoor shower column, there are a few key considerations that you need to make. Take your time and choose wisely!