Wall-Mounted vs. Ceiling-Mounted Shower Heads: Which Wins?

  • By Kate Williams

If you are designing a new bathroom, you’ve probably already encountered this issue - there are simply too many options! It is important to get every element correct, as one wrong move can ruin the look and feel you are trying to achieve. One such area that you need to make a choice on is your shower head.

There are many different options, and one of the biggest choices people have to make is between a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted shower head. Both have a range of different benefits, so it’s important to know what they are before finalizing your decision. Have a read on below at some of the key features and benefits of each:

Wall-Mounted Shower Heads

Two wall-mounted showerheads showcasing a luxurious waterfall

Our model Ninfe is one of our favorites! It has different water falls and LED lights for chromotherapy.

If you are looking for the most common and traditional choice, then that’s got to be the wall-mounted shower head. These shower heads are attached to the wall and have an adjustable height. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of this type of shower head:

1. Adjustable Height: Already mentioned above, but this is a key feature of a wall-mounted shower head! Being able to adjust the height of your shower head means that multiple people, all with different heights can easily and comfortably use the shower.

2. Easy Installation: Generally speaking, it is much easier to install a wall-mounted shower head compared to other options, usually because there doesn’t need to be major modifications made to the plumbing.

3. Versatility: Due to the fact that wall-mounted shower heads are so popular, you’ll usually find that there are more options in terms of styles and finishes. This makes it easy to find one that matches the decor in your bathroom.

4. Cost-Effective: It’s no secret that price is a major factor. Wall-mounted shower heads are usually more cost-effective compared to other options available.

Ceiling-Mounted Shower Heads

Ceiling-mounted shower heads with LED lights for chromotherapy showcasing different colors in an open bathroom.

Our ceiling-mounted shower heads are a popular choice as they offer a wellness-packed, relaxing experience. In this photo: Rainycloud.

Ceiling-mounted shower heads are, as the name obviously suggests, installed on the ceiling of your bathroom. They provide a more modern look in your bathroom and the shower experience is different to a wall-mounted shower head. Here’s why you might like having a ceiling-mounted shower head in your bathroom:

1. Rainfall Experience: It’s a completely different shower experience compared to wall-mounted options. The rainfall-like experience offers a more soothing and luxurious shower.

2. Aesthetic Elegance: The sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. While most people love the rainfall-like experience, the actual look of a shower head is important as well!

3. Customizable Options: It’s easy to customize your ceiling-mounted shower head. There are many different shapes, sizes and finishes to choose from.

4. No Adjustable Arm: As this shower head is mounted on the ceiling, you don’t need the adjustable arm, which certainly results in a cleaner, clutter-free look.

What’s Your Final Choice?

In the battle of wall-mounted vs. ceiling-mounted shower head, which one comes out on top? Well, it all comes down to your personal preference and needs for your bathroom. The way you like to shower will have an influence, as well as the look you are going for in your bathroom.

Another key factor is cost; wall-mounted shower heads are a good option if you’re on a budget, while ceiling-mounted shower heads provide a spa-like experience with the cascade of water. But you can’t go wrong really; both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted shower heads are great options.