What are the Benefits of an Anti-Frost System for Your Outdoor Shower Column?

  • By Kate Williams

Outdoor living spaces certainly have a nice appeal about them and many homeowners are investing resources to create the perfect space. Creating an ideal outdoor space will allow you to connect with nature without the need to leave your home.

There are many considerations when it comes to your outdoor space, and several people are turning towards outdoor shower columns to add that extra touch of luxury to their space. Luxury outdoor showers are all the rage at the moment, but when the seasons change, how do homeowners overcome the colder months? With an anti-frost system, that’s how!

Have a read below at some of the key benefits of installing an outdoor shower column with an anti-frost system in your backyard space:

Usage Throughout All Seasons

Touched on in the introduction, it doesn’t matter what season it is, with an anti-frost system you’ll be able to use your outdoor shower column all year round. Anti-frost outdoor shower columns mean you can extend the usability of your space. This is because it prevents the freezing of the system, allowing you to enjoy warm outdoor showers any time of the year, as long as your outdoor shower column can produce warm water.

Outdoor shower for cold weather showering hot water during a snowy day.

Not even winter can put Mercurio to rest. This is the efficiency of our products; this is the reliability of our engineering.

Energy Efficient

You’ll find that most anti-frost systems are thought of with energy efficiency in mind. It is a targeted approach when it comes to energy usage and therefore is only activated when required, meaning your energy consumption is lower than expected and is an ideal eco-friendly choice. Eco-friendly outdoor showers are perfect for those seeking sustainable solutions and lower power bills.

Eco-friendly outdoor shower next to a blue pool on a sunny day.

This is Solarisan outdoor shower made with marine grade stainless steel, packed with a 35-liters water tank, and powered by the sun. Eco-friendliness at its finest.

Preservation of Plumbing

We all know just how nasty frost can be, and this is also the case for different plumbing systems. Frost can cause pipes to freeze and even burst, which could end up costing a lot of money to fix. This is why installing an anti-frost system is so popular, it protects your plumbing system by ensuring a temperature that prevents freezing. Installing an outdoor shower column requires work with plumbing, so anything you can do to preserve it is ideal.

Extra Convenience

Installing an outdoor shower column allows for convenience as you can rinse off the chlorine, sand, dirt, etc. before entering your home. With an anti-frost system, you get that extra bit of convenience as you know your shower column is ready to go at any time, and won’t be impacted by the frost or colder temperatures.

Wrap Up

If you are thinking about installing an outdoor shower column into your backyard space to enhance your outdoor living experience, then you certainly also need to consider one with an anti-frost system. An anti-frost system will ensure the functionality of your outdoor shower column no matter the season. It also allows you to be more energy efficient and provides an extra layer of convenience. On top of this, the anti-frost system will assist in preventing plumbing issues.