Why buy Outdoor Showers from Nattura Shower

  • By Kate Williams

Why purchase outdoor showers from Nattura Shower?

Staffed by fellow architects and designers

Buying from Nattura Shower comes with the many benefits outlined below, but we had to begin this article with a brief explanation of who we are.
Nattura Shower was founded and is staffed by architects and interior designers who understand what keeps you, fellow designers, up at night. Your design intent is sacred to Nattura Shower. We are ready to join you in your search for the specific outdoor shower that aligns with your vision for your project, and to stay with you through delivery, installation, and post-sale assistance to your client.

Nattura Shower is staffed by architects and designers

Sturdy packaging

Let us begin by saying your order is not only insured; we will never drag you into a claims effort should one or more of our products be damaged in-transit. Instead, we will request the damaged product from you, send you a replacement immediately, and go through the claims effort ourselves to protect your time. Certainly, we all want smooth sailing. So at Nattura Shower we have taken the necessary steps to minimize the potential for insurance claims by packaging responsibly:

  • Single to a few items: Every one of our stainless-steel showers and accessories travels individually, protected by made-to-measure styrofoam, in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Volume orders from developers, architects and designers: We take the above individually packaged products and place them in a solid plywood crate with reinforced steel hinge system for corner protection. Further, we use full-deck pallets for additional protection.

AMA Luxury Shower and Nattura Shower use sturdy packaging

High quality materials

Creating high-quality goods from unrefined resources is what we do best.
AISI 316L and AISI 304 stainless steel are only two examples of the high-quality raw materials and components that go into our products. Both are locally sourced near our factory in Lumezzane, Italy. The use of these recyclable, non-toxic, and long-lasting materials is, of course, consistent with a robust business commitment to sustainable growth. AMA Luxury Shower is ready to give certification of all raw materials used in the production of our products upon request. How happy our consumers are is the ultimate measure of our performance.

Practical yet beautiful and cutting-edge designs

At Nattura Shower and AMA Luxury Shower, our manufacturing is greatly influenced by design, aesthetics, ergonomics, and emotions. When conceptualizing new lines, our Italian designers are tasked with considering how emerging technology and aesthetic trends could enhance the product's materials and shape within the confines of technical and production requirements.

Discount pricing to designers

When you shop at Nattura Shower, you´re buying from architects and designers with professional experience in the field. Regardless of their size or budget, we know how precious and vital your projects are to your portfolio and ongoing success. We want to work closely with you and your team irrespective of order volume, and we demonstrate it by offering special Designer Discounts on projects big and small. Get in touch with us today!