Bathroom Upgrades That Will Change The Way You Bathe

  • By Kate Williams

Your bathroom can be considered a sanctuary of relaxation and with the right upgrades, you can take things up another notch. Yes, functionality is important in a bathroom, but you still want to enjoy yourself, so if you are looking for ways to upgrade the way you bathe, we’ve got you covered!

Some of the main upgrades you can make in your bathroom are listed below:

1. Heated Floors

There is nothing worse than stepping onto a cold bathroom tile in the dead of winter when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Heated floors are a luxurious game changer that is the perfect solution for this. It’s a bit of work to install heated floors, but your cold feet will be thanking you later! Remember, you can always turn off (or down) the heated floors during the warmer months when you don’t need it.

2. Chromotherapy Shower Heads

Urano Chromotherapy 9000 - Nattura Shower

Square perfection comes hand in hand with Urano, a chromotherapy shower-head made to offer you endless bliss and relaxation.


Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is another way you can upgrade your bathroom. By adding chromotherapy shower heads, like our Urano, you can relax under the stream of water along with the light show. Color therapy relates to the idea that colored lights can treat both mental and physical health. They can cause small changes in our mood and biology.

3. Smart Showers

The future is now and smart showers are becoming a very popular way you can add a little bit more lux to your space. With a smart shower, you can step into your shower that is set at your preferred water pressure and temperature. Technology continues to advance in this area and they are becoming more personalized with features like voice commands. There are even features like a solar shower head, for those looking to be more eco-friendly.

4. High-Tech Toilets

It’s not just your shower that can get an upgrade, but also your toilet. There are many high-tech toilets on the market these days that are a massive step forward compared to the humble original toilet. Some of the features that you’ll see with high-tech toilets include; heated seats, bidet functions, and automatic lids.

5. Smart Mirrors

But wait, there’s more! Even your mirror can be smart these days. Smart mirrors can come equipped with anti-fog capability, touch-screen controls, and built-in LED lights. If you’re looking to take things to another level, some models also come with displays that can show you your daily calendar, the news, and even weather updates. Bluetooth speakers can also be included so you can listen to your favorite tunes while in the bathroom.

6. Custom Vanities

For something that stands out from the crowd, getting a custom vanity created can enhance the look you are going for in your bathroom while also increasing the functionality. There are so many different options and features you can add to ensure you get everything you want in a vanity, including; double sinks, integrated lighting, and built-in storage solutions. Adding a touch of personalization can help to tie the whole space together.