How Outdoor Shower Columns Can Add Value To Your Property

  • By Kate Williams

Outdoor shower columns are no longer luxury items just for the elite, they are becoming more accessible and therefore popular around the country. They are a popular addition to many residential properties and can add some serious value to your home. We’re not just talking about monetary value either, there are a lot of ways value can be added.

So, no matter if you want to boost your property’s market price or just want to enjoy the value a beautiful outdoor shower provides, installing an outdoor shower is certainly a worthwhile investment. The installation process isn’t too difficult either, but it is a good idea to enlist the assistance of an expert if you aren’t confident in your ability.

Keep reading below as we go through all the different ways an outdoor shower column can add value to your property:

1. Increased Property Value

Free-standing luxury outdoor showers, elegant and modern design. Nattura Showers.
The beauty of our products is beyond their looks, they're sturdy, durable, and recycled. In this photo: Atena.

Let’s start with the one people probably care about the most - increased property value! If you’re looking to sell your home soon, adding an outdoor shower in your backyard or pool area can certainly increase your property value by creating more appeal. It is a pretty big selling point and could be the thing that tips prospective buyers over the edge to falling in love with your property.

2. Additional Aesthetic Appeal

Free-standing luxury outdoor showers, elegant and modern design. Nattura Showers.

All of our shower columns are made of marine grade, AISI 316L, stainless steel. Choose your favorite model and your preferred finish! From left to right: Atena, Aphrodite, Atlas, Cometa, Mercurio, Stella.


One of the big value adds relates to aesthetic appeal. Outdoor shower columns, like our Atena 8500, look good and it can help to tie your whole outdoor space together. These days, there are so many different materials, finishes, and styles that no matter the look you are going for in your outdoor space, you’ll find one that matches perfectly. It’s important to strategically place your outdoor shower in an area that can ensure you get the most out of it.

3. Promotion of Health and Well-Being

Something you may not have thought of, but adding an outdoor shower column can also promote your health and well-being. There is just something about a refreshing shower when surrounded by nature. We all know that being outdoors and around natural light is good for us. It can be a complete sensory experience, allowing you to relax and unwind, escaping from the realities of the day.

4. Eco-Friendly Advantages

Free-standing luxury outdoor showers, elegant and modern design. Nattura Showers.

Solare Charbon is the epitome of elegant eco-friendliness. With a generous 28-liter tank capacity, this solar shower is ready to give you long-lasting moments of relaxation under the sun.

We all want to do our bit for the environment, so it’s good to know that a lot of outdoor showers are specifically designed to be water-efficient. They can use low-flow shower heads on top of eco-friendly materials. These types of outdoor showers can limit the amount of water the household uses and if you opt for a solar outdoor shower, this can limit the amount of energy the household uses.

In Summary

Whether you’re looking to sell your home shortly, or just want to add some enjoyment value to your property, an outdoor shower column is a popular path to head down. They can truly enhance your outdoor living experience as they provide a convenient and luxurious way to enjoy your space. Outdoor showers are a luxurious addition to your home and will increase the value of your property.