Handheld vs. Fixed Shower Heads: Pros and Cons

  • By Kate Williams

As you may already be aware, there are plenty of options when it comes to shower heads. Two designs that you may have to choose from include a handheld or a fixed shower head. These two types of shower heads are very different and often present a dilemma as to which option to move forward with.

It doesn’t matter if this is for an indoor or outdoor space, the choice still needs to be made. If you’re looking for the best shower head for outdoor shower, for example, there are a few pros and cons of each that you should be aware of.

Understanding the pros and cons of each will allow you to make the best decision possible for your space. Check out all the details below:

Handheld Shower Heads

The pros of a handheld shower head include:

1. Accessibility - If the shower head is going to be used by someone with limited mobility, this is a massive pro of a handheld shower head. It is easier and safer to use a handheld shower head for those types of individuals.

2. Versatility - This is known as one of the biggest advantages as you can move the water flow to the exact place you need it. Shower tasks like washing your hair or even cleaning the shower are made easy.

Free standing outdoor shower with handheld shower head or telephone shower
This is the magnificent Venerea free-standing shower column with handheld shower-head. Its perfect versatility will make it easier to enjoy your shower.


3. Easy Cleaning - It is an easier and more efficient cleaning experience as you can direct the water into all the areas of your bathroom space that need it. It is much easier to reach certain areas that would be difficult if you were using a fixed shower head.

Some of the biggest cons of a handheld shower head include:

1. Cost - It is known that handheld shower heads are generally a more expensive option compared to their fixed shower head counterparts. There are even additional extras for a handheld shower head that can increase the cost even further.

2. Water Pressure - The water pressure of a handheld shower head may not be as strong when compared to a fixed shower head. If you like a particular strong water flow, a handheld shower head may not be the best option for you.

Fixed Shower Heads

The pros of a fixed shower head include:

1. Easy Installation - You’ll find that the majority of fixed shower heads are very easy to install and you may not even need a professional to assist, which could save you some money on installation costs.

2. Affordability - Fixed shower heads are generally much more affordable than handheld options. If budget is a major concern, a fixed shower head is probably the best option for you.

3. Low Maintenance - Once installation has taken place, that’s pretty much it! They don’t require as much maintenance to ensure they are fully functional and look as good as the day it was installed.

Titano 4800 - Nattura Shower - free standing extra large shower column made of marine grade stainless steel
Take Titano as an example: sturdy, majestic and always ready to please.

Some of the biggest cons of a fixed shower head include:

1. Less Versatility - You aren’t able to direct water where you desire as easily as you could with a handheld option. If there are tasks that need exact water control, they are more difficult to undertake.

2. Limited Mobility - There is less flexibility and maneuverability with a fixed shower head, which makes it more difficult for those with mobility issues to have a proper shower.