Shower Heads 101: Different Types and Features

  • By Kate Williams

A shower head is an important component of your bathroom, but it is often overlooked. While a shower head won’t make or break your bathroom, it can have a fairly significant impact on the experience of your shower. This is why it’s important to understand all the different factors that go into choosing a shower head.

By taking the time to choose the perfect shower head for your household, you can create the perfect cleansing experience while adding a touch of luxury to your space. With so many options, where do you even start? Well, this guide is the perfect place! We’ll take you through all the main types and features of the most popular shower heads.

Types of Shower Heads

One quick look online and you’ll see just how many different types of shower heads there are! It can be quite daunting to know just how many options are available, each with its own set of positives and negatives. The main types of shower heads are listed below:

1. Wall-Mounted - Probably the most common of them all, the wall-mounted shower head is, as the name suggests, mounted to the wall through a shower arm. There are many different styles and sizes within this type of shower head. 

A wall-mounted luxurious shower-head made of marine grade stainless steel.
Nattura Shower’s Ninfe 8000 is a gorgeous example of a wall-mounted shower head.

2. Ceiling-Mounted - Very similar to the wall-mounted option, instead the ceiling-mounted shower head is installed to the ceiling. This type of shower head creates a rainfall-like experience.

3. Handheld - These types of shower heads are attached to a flexible hose which allows for more control over water flow. You’ll find these are common both indoors and outdoors, with the best outdoor shower head usually being handheld, which is perfect for rinsing off pets or children.

4. Dual - Want the best of both worlds? A dual shower head is perfect because two different heads on the same arm allow for a customizable shower experience.


There are many different features available with shower heads. You must understand features that are important to you, ones that you won’t compromise on, and then you can work from there. Some of the key features you should consider include:

1. Water Pressure - By far the most important feature. Finding a shower head with the right balance of water pressure that you enjoy is vital.

2. Spray Patterns - The next most important feature has to be the spray pattern. Different spray patterns are available like massage, mist, rain, and full-body spray.

Urano Chromotherapy 9150LF - Nattura Shower - wall-mounted shower head with different water sprays and settings
The generosity of Uranofor example, allows you to shower differently every time. Waterfall jet, nebulizer for cold fog, chromotherapy lights, and more to discover. 

3. Easy Clean - Having a shower head that is easy to clean is an important feature to consider. Shower heads with rubber nozzles, for example, are known to be much easier to clean. Mineral build-up is limited and your shower head will look like new for years to come.

4. Materials - There are several different materials and finishes that a shower head can come in. This is an important consideration because you should find something that matches your space. Options like stainless steel, matte finishes, and more are available.