Unveiling the Latest Innovations With Outdoor Solar Showers

  • By Kate Williams

Want to create an outdoor space that looks the part, but also does its bit for the environment? An outdoor solar shower is the perfect option for you! It is an efficient and sustainable way to enjoy your outdoor space, but you now don’t have to compromise on aesthetic appeal either.

Solar showers look the part as well as being so much more environmentally friendly when compared to traditional outdoor showers. The innovative design uses the power of the sun to ensure you have a warm and refreshing outdoor shower experience. These days, you’re spoilt for choice as well, so you’ll find a design that suits your outdoor space perfectly.

Let’s explore more about outdoor solar showers and why they are a popular choice right now:

Heating Systems

Having a shower outside? You’re probably going to want a heated shower, right? You can achieve this with a free-standing outdoor solar shower. Technology has certainly come a long way and there are now advanced heating systems that ensure you can have warm showers using your outdoor shower all year round. That’s right, even on cloudy days or during Winter!

Free-standing water-saving outdoor shower equipped with solar-powered water-heating system
Solare Charbon is the epitome of elegant eco-friendliness. With a generous 28-liter tank capacity, this powerful solar shower is ready to give you long-lasting moments of relaxation under the sun. 

Quality Materials and Durability

Solar showers have come a long way, especially concerning quality materials and durability. They are built to stand the test of time thanks to the high-quality materials used. Look for solar showers that use materials such as stainless steel, like we use here at Nattura Shower for our solar showers. While these materials are as durable as they come, they are also lightweight, making installation a breeze.

Solar outdoor shower made of stainless steel next to a pool on a sunny day
Our collection of solar showers wouldn't be complete without the gorgeous Solare Minimal, a twist of design, sturdiness, and sustainability. Like all our outdoor showers, it's made with marine grade stainless steel. 

Water Recycling

Another unique feature of solar showers is the ability for water recycling, which adds a further big green tick when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness! Many outdoor solar showers have filtration systems that allow for the water to be purified and recycled. The water can be used again for tasks like watering the garden, etc. This is just another way we can ensure we are leaving as small of an impact on the environment as possible.


These days, you aren’t just getting a simple outdoor solar shower, but something that comes with all the bells and whistles. You’ll find that some models come with built-in storage tanks, adjustable shower heads, timers, and sensors, customization of water flow and pressure, and so much more! All these additional features provide supreme convenience for your outdoor shower experience. As well as this, it ensures you are using your outdoor solar shower with as much efficiency as possible.

Smart Technology

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, solar showers also can incorporate smart technology. These are truly on the cutting edge of innovation and you’ll find a handful of models available that allow users to control their showers remotely through a smartphone app. The app will provide real-time data like water temperature and efficiency, which allows users to adjust things accordingly. Very fancy if you ask us, and as technology advances, this will likely become more widely available.