How to Save Water and Money with Outdoor Shower Columns

  • By Kate Williams

Installing an outdoor shower column comes with many benefits, which is why you’ll see the rise in popularity only continue. While there are many benefits, two of the key benefits that people care about the most are saving water and money. That’s right, installing an outdoor shower column can go a long way to saving water and money.

A stainless outdoor shower fixture is a practical and stylish addition to your home and the perfect way to rinse off after going for a swim or a day at the beach. These are also great benefits of an outdoor shower column, but for this article, we are focusing more on the big picture, which is how they can save water and money.

Let’s explore these key benefits in further detail below:

Water Conservation

You’ll find that outdoor showers will typically have a lower flow of water compared to indoor showers. This means less water per minute is being used. Water conservation is a major issue impacting the globe and many households want to reduce their water consumption for the better of the environment.

Outdoor showers also promote a shorter shower time because of the open-air design and individuals being able to see the water running off them while being surrounded by nature. When you use a contemporary outdoor shower, it is almost guaranteed that you will be saving water.

Independent shower made of stainless steel showcasing its hot water shower during a snowy day

Our shower heads, for example, are made with eco-friendliness in mind. We strive to create efficient products that will stand the test of time while taking care of our environment. The maximum water consumption of our products averages 8.2 liters per minute, while the standard shower uses around 15 liters per minute. In this photo: Mercurio.   

Greywater Recycling

Leading on from the previous point of water conservation, by setting up greywater recycling with your outdoor shower, you can save even more water. If you don’t already know, greywater is wastewater that is produced from activities like washing dishes and showering.

This water can be recycled for certain activities like flushing toilets and watering plants. By recycling already-used water, your overall water consumption will be reduced. So, before you go installing your outdoor shower column, it certainly pays to check if you can connect a greywater recycling system.

Reduced Energy Consumption

We’ve spoken about how you can save water with outdoor shower columns, now it’s time to dig into how you can save money, and the main way is through a reduction in energy consumption. Traditional indoor showers require a lot of heated water, and this can have a major impact on how much electricity or gas you use.

You can save even more energy if you choose to install a solar outdoor shower as well. Using your outdoor shower more during the warmer months reduces the need to heat as much water. With outdoor showers, you also don’t need to turn on a vent or fan, saving even more energy!

Free-standing solar shower made of marine grade stainless steel with a matte black finish
Solare Charbon is the epitome of elegant eco-friendliness. With a generous 28-liter tank capacity, this solar shower is ready to give you long-lasting moments of relaxation under the sun.


Reduced Maintenance

If properly installed and looked cared for, you’ll find that outdoor shower columns are much easier to maintain. Over the lifetime of your outdoor shower, you’ll usually experience fewer issues that need to be fixed. At Nattura Shower, we use only the best materials, like AISI 316 stainless steel, which requires less maintenance over the life of the shower.

Resolving issues can result in maintenance costs and you’ll find that outdoor showers are made up of the most durable materials possible and the outdoor environment reduces the risk of mold. All in all, you will likely spend less on maintaining your outdoor shower than compared to your traditional indoor shower.