Wall-Mounted Shower Heads: A Space-Saving Solution

  • By Kate Williams

Do you have a bathroom that’s on the smaller side? Well, wall-mounted shower heads may well be your best option because they are known for their space-saving attributes. This means you’ll have more space in your shower, and bathroom for other important features.

Many bathroom fixtures need to be thought of when updating your bathroom and sometimes the shower head does get overlooked. There are two main types of shower heads; wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Wall-mounted shower heads are becoming increasingly popular again due to their space-saving ability.

Wall-mounted shower heads are a stylish and practical addition to your space. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a wall-mounted shower head below:


One of the things you’ll love the most about wall-mounted shower heads is the fact they are extremely space-saving. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a shower head in your indoor or outdoor shower space, you can make the most out of your space with a wall-mounted shower head. Many believe that a luxury outdoor shower needs a wall-mounted shower head!


You’ll find that you have a lot more versatility compared to ceiling-mounted shower heads. Wall-mounted shower heads will usually come with easily adjustable features, which means you can change the height of the shower head to suit your personal preference. This makes wall-mounted shower heads a better choice for larger households, where members are of different heights.

A close-up of a wall-mounted shower head, showcasing its waterfall.
Ninfe is a great example of our versatility. This wall-mounted shower-head comes with two waterfall options and a hand shower to boost your experience.


Range of Options

We all have our style preferences, so it is good to know that you can find a wall-mounted shower head that matches the style you are trying to achieve in your home. You’ll find different finishes, shapes and sizes available so you can tie your wall-mounted shower head in with your overall stylish very easily.

Easy Installation

When compared to its ceiling-mounted counterparts, it is pretty easy to install a wall-mounted shower head. If there is existing plumbing there, all it takes is a wall-mounting bracket. If you’re not convinced of your DIY ability, you can always hire a professional to ensure the job is done properly and there are no issues.

Increased Aesthetics

Not only are wall-mounted shower heads practical, but they also look good! Wall-mounted shower heads are known to be easy to clean as well. This means you can keep your shower head looking like the day it was installed for many years to come. It’s easy to add in a touch of sophistication to your bathroom space with a wall-mounted shower head.

Detailed image of a wall-mounted luxury shower head made of marine grade stainless steel, over a black background
Meet Aurora, if you think it looks good, wait until you shower under this water-fall.


Wrap Up

There are so many benefits of wall-mounted shower heads, with one of the main ones related to their space-saving ability. Wall-mounted shower heads are perfect if the space you are working with is quite small. They are as versatile as they come, and you’ll easily be able to find one that will match the look you are going for in your space. So, if you’re in the market for a new shower head, you should certainly consider the wall-mounted option.