Outdoor Shower Columns: Embrace Nature While You Cleanse

  • By Kate Williams

Outdoor living has certainly changed over the past few years, no longer is it only something people do in summer, but now all year round, thanks to outdoor areas that are thoughtfully designed and built. These days the line has been blurred between a home’s indoor and outdoor space.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful outdoor space that can be used for all four seasons, embracing nature while also adding a touch of luxury with outdoor shower columns can be the way to go. Outdoor shower columns allow you to create a refreshing and cleansing experience while also offering a way for you to build your connection with nature and the great outdoors!

Let’s explore more about how you can embrace nature while you cleanse with outdoor shower columns:

1. Connect with Nature

In this modern world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to switch off and just be at one with ourselves. Installing luxury outdoor showers is a way people can better connect with nature. While you are showering, you can see nature all around you, from the sky to the personal touches of greenery installed in your outdoor shower space, it really does transform the mundane act of showering to something so much more.

An outdoor shower column stands beside a pool with a view to the ocean and the mountains
Reconnecting with nature is one of the main reasons why we've worked so hard to deliver sturdy and elegant shower columns made of marine grade stainless steel. In this photo: Saturno.

As well as this, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with a view, installing your outdoor shower column in a strategic position means you could be able to admire the view while you bathe. Whether it’s a panoramic view of mountains, a beautiful garden, or the ocean, you will truly feel at one with nature.

2. Wellness Benefits

We all want to live our best lives and be the best version of ourselves possible. More and more people are looking towards a variety of wellness benefits in order to achieve happiness and stability. It is known that being in nature can reduce your stress levels along with improving your mental well-being. The sounds of nature can also be relaxing as well as the sound of the running water from the shower.

An outdoor solar shower stands beside a pool on a sunny day, an open-concept house is in the background
Just as you take care of yourself, we take care of the environment. This is Solaris, one of our powerful solar showers.

Exposure to natural light is also important as it helps regulate circadian rhythms, which can help you sleep better at night. Not to mention the importance of getting enough vitamin D each day from the sun for your overall health! Using your outdoor shower regularly will mean you should get your dose of vitamin D.

3. Environmental Considerations

We all know the benefits of nature and being surrounded by it. Therefore, it is important that we take care of the environment and do our bit to protect it as much as we can. Installing an outdoor shower column can be a more eco-conscious choice because many are designed to be water-efficient. 

A solar shower column in the garden
Solare Charbon is another one of our solar showers. Made with a stunning matte black finish, this sturdy and powerful model is a solid contribution to the environment.

Some outdoor shower columns are even solar powered, meaning you are less reliant on gas or electricity to power the hot water, instead you rely on the renewable source of the sun. Sustainability in home design is becoming more prevalent these days, and people are looking for ways they can limit their footprint on the environment.