Outdoor Shower Columns: Enhancing Your Poolside Experience

  • By Kate Williams

Many properties these days are lucky enough to include a pool, which can be incredibly important, especially if you live somewhere that is hot most of the year. But when it comes to the ultimate poolside experience, there is more to consider then just the pool itself. The surrounding area of the pool plays a major role in enhancing style and functionality. 

One area that all property owners who have a pool must consider is an outdoor shower column, as it can make a big difference in poolside design. Let’s take a look at all the ways an outdoor shower column can enhance your poolside experience.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

First things first, it’s all about the looks! Outdoor shower columns have the look, that’s for sure. No matter what style you’ve got in your pool area, there’s an outdoor shower column that will fit in perfectly. There are some pretty modern and sleek outdoor shower column designs that may very well steal the spotlight from the pool itself.


Six models of modern and luxurious shower columns from AMA Luxury Shower.

Our stylish and luxurious collection of shower columns. From left to right: Atena, Aphrodite, Atlas, Cometa, Mercurio, and Stella

2. Both Practical & Luxurious

Who doesn’t love the finer things in life? An outdoor shower column can add that extra touch of elegance that you’ve been looking for in your pool area. On top of this, they are as practical as they come, because you can rinse off chlorine, saltwater or even sand (if you’ve gone to the beach) before entering your house.

3. Hygiene & Cleanliness

Leading on from the previous point, an outdoor shower column can help you and your family maintain a high level of personal hygiene, while also keeping your home as clean as possible. No more sand trails throughout the home after you’ve gone to the beach! Also, if you use chlorine in your pool, you can easily and quickly wash this off your body using an outdoor shower column.

4. Increase Property Value

Just like the pool itself will increase the value of your property, an outdoor shower column can have the same effect! When (and if) you do sell your property, potential purchasers usually find these types of amenities attractive because it adds to overall appeal and the functionality of your pool area.


A solar shower column stands in the middle. The oceanic horizon behind it on a sunny day.

Our fantastic model Solare Charbon adds a lavish touch to any space.

5. Ease of Installation

It may seem surprising, but the majority of outdoor shower columns are easy to install. There are a few different models of outdoor shower columns you can choose from, but both freestanding and wall-mounted options are easy to install. The installation process can be conducted by a professional or even as your own personal DIY project. This means you have the ability to start enjoying your new outdoor shower column feature even faster!

In Summary

There are many ways an outdoor shower column can enhance your poolside experience. They are as stylish as they come, add that extra bit of luxury to your space and also have functional benefits. Outdoor shower columns allow you to maintain hygiene after spending time in the pool (or beach), are easy to install and will also add value to your property.